ISO 22000

CHARLOTTETOWN, May 9, 2012 /CMP/ - Charlottetown Metal Products is pleased to announce that our Food Safety Management System has been assessed by NSF-ISR and found to be in conformance with ISO 22000:2005.

All of us at CMP are very pleased that our commitment to quality and food safety have been recognized formally through these certification efforts. Food safety has always played an integral role with our design, manufacture and installation services provided to the food processing industry. Food safety forms part of our guiding corporate vision "Advancing food safety and processing efficiencies through the design and manufacture of innovative stainless steel equipment”

CMP is the first custom stainless steel fabricator in North America to receive this certification. Attaining this certificate of registration is resonating well with the many food processing clients we serve. Our certification provides further peace of mind and reduces risk to our clients as they continue to meet the various GFSI benchmarking process undertaken to ensure commitment to food safety to the consumers around the world.

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