Fluid Removal System (FRS)

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The revolutionary new patented CMP Fluid Removal System is the best dewatering solution available on the market for fruits, vegetables and other food products.

CMP’s revolutionary new approach to removing excess surface fluid from food products prior to downstream processing is unique in the market. The CMP Fluid Removal System (FRS) is groundbreaking in design and is patent pending. The CMP FRS allows processors to exceed their clients' stringent water content specifications for IQF and fresh pack fruit and vegetables.

For IQF product the CMP FRS allows for reduced frost build up on evaporator coils and increased tunnel throughput.

CMP technology combines the benefits of a vibratory conveyor with a continuous belt conveyor.

Fluid surface tension on the product is broken with vibratory force of the entire conveyor bed. Fluid is removed using a high velocity suction plenum located under the conveyor belt. The fluid is then separated from the air stream in a separation chamber and captured for removal or recycle.

FRS Benefits and Features

FRS Customer Testimonial

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Models Available as Standard

Both Bias Entry (BE), and Standard Entry (SE) available.

  • FRS10-24 BE/SE – 24” wide belt
  • FRS20-48 BE/SE – 48” wide belt
  • FRS30-60 BE/SE – 60” wide belt
  • FRS30-72 BE/SE – 72” wide belt
  • FRS60-84 BE/SE – 84” wide belt

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