FRS Benefits and Features

Fluid Removal System (FRS) / Benefits and Features / Customer Testimonial

Improved Efficiency of IQF Freezers

Extends time between defrost, increases line throughput, eliminates product clumping, decreases energy costs for refrigeration, provides even product spread across width of the infeed belt minimizing the crucial crust freeze timing.

Gentle Handling of Delicate Fruits & Vegetables
Precise control of vibration force and vacuum suction pressure are tailored to the specific product and dewatering needs of our clients; close weave stainless steel belt allows for gentle handling along the entire length of the conveyor.

Sanitary Equipment Design
All 304 SST construction and food grade plastics designed to withstand food process cleaning chemicals.
Continuous seal welds on all food contact surfaces.
Designed for ease of access for cleaning and inspection of the system.

Multiple sizes and options available
Various sizes available to meet process demands.
Optional multiple vacuum plenum design pending application requirements.
Air knives can be added pending application requirements.
Variable frequency drives (VFD)

High velocity airflow from the suction plenum pre-cools product from blanchers prior to cooling or freezing equipment.

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