Potato Processing

At CMP we know potatoes. We grew up with the industry on our door step. With working relationships with some of the leading manufacturers of potato products in the world including McCain, Cavendish, Simplot, Pepsico Frito-lay, and Old Dutch, CMP has worked in over twenty different potato processing plants over the years. CMP designs and manufactures processing equipment to match the layout of our customer's plant. We are often involved in the initial stages of the project providing engineering assistance with overall layouts and arrangements down to detailed engineering discussions on design and approach. From receiving hoppers and storage bins, to all types and sizes of conveyors, to storage bins, tote dumpers, augers, catwalks, grating, packaging and much more - CMP can provide sound technical advice, project management services, and high-end processing equipment to meet the specifications of any processor.

The following is a list of some of the process solutions CMP has developed and manufactured for the fruit and vegetable processing industry:

  • Sanitary conveyors of all types
  • Vibrating size graders / sorter
  • Fryer oil storage tanks
  • Vibrating conveyors for optical sorters
  • Potato storage bins
  • Catwalks and mezzanine structures
  • Automated tote dumpers
  • Vibratory Case Shakers (PDF : YouTube) used in French Fry packaging to settle product and reduce required box sizes
  • Hash Brown potato system
  • French Fry add back dumper system
  • Sanitary screw conveyor