Architectural & Custom Fabrication

CMP excels with the design, layout, fabrication, and installation of custom stainless steel equipment. We routinely take on the design of catwalks, platforms, and mezzanine structures for the support of people and process equipment. We develop layout drawings in 2D and 3D using CAD and Inventor software. Our 3D designs are a core differentiator and allow us to ensure, during the early stages of our projects, that we have properly designed our structures to support the intended loads.

CMP also manufacture custom control panel enclosures, stainless railings and stairs for buildings, stainless curbs and bollards used in the process area of plants, ergonomic workstations for process line workers, both slot and trough style floor drain systems with interceptors, and a host of other specialty equipment.

  • Catwalks, Platforms, Stairs, Mezzanine Structures
  • Floor Drains and SST Curbs
  • Custom Stainless Steel Equipment