CMP has been manufacturing cooling and chilling solutions for the food processing industry for over 50 years. We manufacture single batch cooling systems, multiple batch cooling systems, continuous cooling and chilling systems, and specialty chilling systems. We can also modify existing cooling systems by adding refrigeration coils and circulation propellers in a side tank configuration to increase the effectiveness of the cooling process.

The following is a list of some of the cooling and chilling solutions CMP has designed and manufactured.

  • Batch coolers for lobster and crab processing
  • Continuous flow water bath coolers for lobster and crab processing
  • Rapid advance gondola style cooler for crab and lobster processing
  • Cooler conversions – side tank with refrigeration coils and propeller
  • Pre-chill and brine freezing system for lobster tails and other seafood products
  • Automatic sanitary chiller and pneumatic blow off conveying system to remove heat downstream of vacuum packaging/shrink tunnel equipment (pork loins, hams, and other meat cuts)
  • Automatic Giblet chiller for poultry parts including giblets, hearts, liver, necks, feet
Our process experts can help advise you on the proper cooking and cooling solution to meet your processing needs.