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Product List

Storage/Mix Tanks

CMP Manufactures a wide range of process and storage tanks for the food process industry. Our process tanks can be designed in all shapes and sizes with agitation, heating or cooling jackets, cladding, and a host of other options included as required.
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Surge Hopper / Elevating Conveyor

CMP Manufactures several styles of dry and wet surge hoppers used to add a surge buffer and meter products in various process area. The units feature an incline conveyor or auger at the discharge.
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CFHP Continuous Flow High Pressure Steam Processor

The CMP Continuous Flow High Pressure Steam Processor is ideal for processing a wide variety of products at a continuous production rate in steam pressure from a range of 5 to 95 psig. The unique patented design allows for continuous product flow through the processor
while maintaining constant steam pressure in the main chamber making it the most
efficient high-pressure steam processor on the market.
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Tote Washers

CMP makes a full range of tote washers from manual, semi-automatic, and automatic washing of pans, lugs, bins, totes, Xactics, and barrels.
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Pan/Lug Dumpers

CMP has developed a high-speed dumping system for various lugs or pans used in the berry process industry. Lugs are loaded onto an indexing conveyor and the control system allows for dump speed as fast as a tote every 3.5 seconds (17 totes per minute).
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Tote Destacker and Stacker System

CMP has designed an automatic tote handling system that accepts 4X4 short wall totes 4 or 5 totes high, destacks the totes, flips the product, washes the tote and restacks the empty totes.
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Tote Dumper Add Back System

CMP has several styles of product add back systems available depending on the product type and size. A typical system would include a tote dumper, hopper with live load bottom belt conveyor and a delivery conveyor or incline conveyor to packaging.
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Barrel Dumper – Tower Style Lift and Dump

The CMP tower dumper is utilized to dump small totes, V Mags, barrels, and other bin styles when the dump height required is greater than 4-5 feet. The dumper can be customized to fit any size barrel or bin.
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Barrel Dumpers – Floor Load

The CMP floor load barrel dumper is utilized to dump small totes, barrels, and other bins when the dump height is under 4-5 feet. We can customize the dumper to fit any size barrel or bin.
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Captive Style Tote Dumper

The CMP sanitary captive style tote dumper can be designed for fork lift loading. The captive style design is used to minimize debris carry over from the pallet or outside of the tote during the dump process.
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