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Product List

Two-Stage Tote Dumper

The CMP sanitary two-stage tote dumper can be designed for floor loading or fork lift loading. The two-stage style is used to minimize debris carry over from the pallet during the dump process.
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Single Stage Tote Dumper

The CMP sanitary single stage tote dumper can be designed for floor loading or fork lift loading. Components are selected for full washdown and can be installed on the process floor. The units are built for rugged long-lasting service.
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Blow Off Conveyor – Air Dryer Product Packaging

CMP has manufactured a high performance blow off conveyor to remove water from the surface of plastic packaged food products prior to packing into boxes.
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Special Processing and Packaging Conveyors

CMP manufactures a wide range of custom conveyor systems to meet specific client processing demands. Often these custom solutions are used for product breakdown, cutting, sorting, and inspecting of product.
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Sanitary Augers

The CMP line of sanitary augers are designed for the smooth flow of product while at the same time ensuring equipment safety through the use of guarding and access covers.
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Vibratory Shaker

The CMP line of vibratory shakers convey, sort, or size products of all shapes and sizes. Based on free oscillating single-mass system with unbalanced motors, our shakers are designed to deliver reliable long-term trouble free performance.
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Packaging Conveyor

Our line of packaging conveyors incorporates stainless steel construction for sanitation and wash down when required coupled with rugged construction for long term performance.
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