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Product List

Lobster Circular Grading Sort Station

CMP manufactures a Lobster Circular Grading Sort Station for proper infeed of sorting systems. This unit features an incline conveyor, roller conveyor and a special flighted belt to space lobster prior to automatic sorting.
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Whole Crab Washer

CMP manufactures a Whole Crab Washer to remove foreign material from the surface of the crab. This unit features a conveyor and high-pressure nozzles to accomplish this operation.
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Lobster Leg Roller

CMP manufactures a Lobster Leg Roller for the extraction of meat from lobster legs. This unit features knurled rollers that grip and roll leg shells to extract the meat.
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Claw Scoring Table

CMP manufactures a claw scoring table to manually cut the claw shell and facilitate the removal of crab and lobster meat. This unit features multiple stations of guarded, stainless steel blades and a conveyor for finished product.
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Double Glaze Conveyor

CMP manufactures a double glaze conveyor for the extension of shelf life of frozen seafood products such as: salad meat blocks, whole cooked or raw lobster, lobster tails, snow crab sections, etc.
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Crab Salad Meat Line

CMP manufactures a Crab Salad Meat line for the extraction of fibrous meat from crab bodies. This turn-key unit features multiple unit operations to accomplish this process.
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Crab Press

CMP manufactures a Crab Press to remove excess liquid from crab meat. This unit features perforated pans and a press to accomplish this process.
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Shell Crusher

CMP manufactures a Shell Crusher for various shellfish products including lobster, and crab. The primary use of this machine is to reduce the volume of waste. The unit features a welded flat bar along a drum to finely crush shells
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Body Chopper

CMP manufactures a Body Chopper to facilitate the separation of meat in shellfish bodies like lobster and crab. The unit features twelve stepped blades on a single shaft to gradually chop the product and expose the meat for separation.
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Ergo Stands

Special ergonomic workstations and stands are manufactured for incorporation into process area conveyor inspection stations and product pack off stations. The units are easy to adjust by production staff to allow for different working heights.
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