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Fluid Removal System

CMP has developed a patented approach to removing water from fruit, vegetables, and protein food groups prior to downstream processing. The main design concept includes combining the benefits of a vibratory conveyor with a continuous belt conveyor with a high velocity suction located on the underside of the belt. Fluid is then separated in the air/water separator with air moving onto the suction side of the blower and water going to drain or collected if required.

Our patented approach offers significant increases in the amount of water removed compared to other techniques currently being utilized. The CMP FRS is typically installed directly in front of an IQF tunnel, dryer, fryer, cooler, or packaging equipment. When installed prior to IQF tunnels, frost build up on the refrigeration coils is greatly reduced leading to significant gains in production throughput and other operational efficiencies.

In some applications, the CMP FRS can have an extended inlet section for the addition of a special wash chemical which can then be removed from the product and recycled instead of lost to drain.

The FRS unit can also be supplied as a plenum only solution should the client wish to mount the unit directly under an existing IQF tunnel belt or other conveyor belt based system – retrograde, chiller, etc.

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