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Sous Vide Cooking System

CMP manufactures a Sous Vide batch cooking system to process various meat that has been vacuum sealed in bags. The system is provided in partnership with MPC Inc, Evans, Georgia. The system is complete with a direct steam generator for the production of hot water for the cooking process, refrigeration loop for production of cooling water, hot and cold storage tanks used to conserve energy requirements during changeover, batch process tanks, carrier, and overhead gantry. The bagged products are typically loaded onto stainless steel shelves in the carrier which is lowered into the Sous Vide system for processing. Low temperature hot water is slowly introduced and cycled through the unit during the desired cooking time. The hot water is then removed to storage and cooler water is introduced to stop the cooking process and chill the packaged meat product. The hot and cold water removed at the end of each stage is stored in separate storage tanks and re-used for the next cycle to conserve energy.

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