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Two-Stage Tote Dumper

The CMP sanitary two-stage tote dumper can be designed for floor loading or fork lift loading. The two-stage style is used to minimize debris carry over from the pallet during the dump process. Debris and FM include screws, knots, broken pallet pieces, etc. The two stage dumper is routinely used for large 4X4 bag in box systems where a cardboard box full of food product sits on a wooden or plastic pallet. The first stage of the dump will rotate the box/tote and pallet 75 degrees. The second stage of the dump has a dedicated set of hydraulics and a sub assembly complete with built in product chute. This second sub assembly disengages from the first stage bottom frame and allows the box/tote to disengage from the pallet and continue to rotate an additional 60 degrees. The pallet remains sitting on the first stage assembly and any debris remains sitting on the bed of the first stage assembly and is not carried over to the final product stream.

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