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IQF feed and discharge systems

Our feed and discharge systems include solutions for sanitary conveyors, pump loops, decelerators, dewatering system, bias feed shakers, glazing conveyors, and sanitary discharge conveyors. CMP can deliver a complete pump line and final ozone wash conveyor prior to delivery to dewatering equipment. Utilizing the CMP patented FRS fluid removal system and bias discharge shaker, we can maximize water removal of fruits and vegetables prior to delivery to the FPS IQF freezer tunnel. The FRS uses a combination of vibration in the presence of suction to create a unique solution to maximize dewatering needs. A uniform depth of product is delivered to the IQF tunnel through the combination of the FRS Fluid Removal System and Bias Discharge Shaker. The removal of water and optimized product delivery can result in over 10% production increases in the tunnel.

Our glazing conveyor can deliver light spray to heavy water flows depending on glazing needs and coupled with our hygienic conveyors will deliver product to the final packaging area safely without yield loss. We manufacture bulk tote off systems, add back systems, grading systems, and incline conveyors for delivery of product to weigh scales, baggers, and other packaging equipment.

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