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Hygienic Design

With the world’s population growing at 230,000 people a day, the food processing industry is tasked with meeting ever increasing consumer need and demand. However, it is not enough to process food efficiently. It must also be processed safely. CMP surpasses standards for both by designing equipment that reduces or eliminates bacteria harbourage points and that also allows for swift and efficient cleaning and sanitization.

This has never been more important – or challenging – as food processing companies struggle to keep pace with today’s regulations and accountability to public safety.

CMP has been designing, fabricating and installing hygienic food processing equipment for over 60 years. Our business is 100% focused on the food industry and only food grade plastics and stainless steel are allowed in our manufacturing plant. CMP has specialists who are dedicated to continuous learning and research on hygienic design trends, standards and the ever changing food processing landscape, helping to ensure that we build the safest processing equipment in the industry. From our designs to our materials, from our engineers to our welders and fabricators, our food processing equipment is designed with one main goal in mind – to keep food safe. With our international experience designing and building processing equipment for most of the world’s largest food processors, we are proud that, with our global partners, we are keeping millions of people around the world, safe, every day.


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