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Blow Off Conveyor – Air Dryer Product Packaging

CMP has manufactured a high performance blow off conveyor to remove water from the surface of plastic packaged food products prior to packing into boxes.
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Abrasion Resistant Plastic Belt Dewater Conveyor

CMP has designed our plastic dewater conveyor for whole potatoes and other root crops using the Intralox 1750 flush grid abrasion resistant belt. This belt had been specifically designed to reduce wear in harsh abrasive applications.
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Metal Belt Dewater Conveyor

The CMP line of sanitary mesh metal belt conveyors incorporates several hygienic design features that allow for fast, reliable and easy sanitation of all components. The metal mesh allows for rapid dewatering of product.
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Vibratory Dewater Shaker

The CMP line of vibratory dewater conveyors incorporate screens of various sizes in the product bed depending on the product type to remove water through vibratory motion and gravity flow.
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Fluid Removal System

CMP has developed a new patented approach to removing water from fruit, vegetables, and protein food groups prior to downstream processing. The main design concept includes combining the benefits of a vibratory conveyor with a continuous belt conveyor with a high velocity suction located on the underside of the belt.
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