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Product List

Mussel Weigh Bagger

CMP manufactures a Mussel Weigh Bagger for accurate weighing and bagging of mussels, clams or scallops. This unit features a hopper and an incline conveyor that feeds an automatic scale.
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Double Glaze Conveyor

CMP manufactures a double glaze conveyor for the extension of shelf life of frozen seafood products such as: salad meat blocks, whole cooked or raw lobster, lobster tails, snow crab sections, etc.
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Crab Press

CMP manufactures a Crab Press to remove excess liquid from crab meat. This unit features perforated pans and a press to accomplish this process.
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Paddle mixer

CMP manufactures a paddle mixer for today’s modern French fry plant for the mixing of diced potato and ingredients for hash brown patty formation.
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SAPP and Ingredients Dosing System

CMP manufactures a SAPP and Ingredients dosing system for today’s modern French fry plant. Two systems are available and specifically designed for hash brown potato patty lines and for French Fry lines.
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Batter Mix and Dosing System

CMP manufactures a complete batter mix system and applicator conveyor for today’s modern French fry plant. The system is offered as a turn key including everything required to handle dry batter, mixing, holding, and coating of the French fries with batter prior to introduction into the fryer.
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