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Product List

Butchering Table

CMP manufactures hygienically designed butchering tables for crab and lobster production. Our tables are custom designed to accommodate the required production rate and desired number of sections and product pieces. This product features multiple stations with knives for crab cap removal, brush rollers for removing offal, and multiple conveyors and flumes to remove individual products and waste for further processing.
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Mussel Taper Grader

CMP manufactures a Mussel Taper Grader to accurately grade mussels by size. This unit features a series of tapered rollers to accomplish grading.
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Mussel Debysser

CMP manufactures a Mussel Debysser that effectively removes the beard from the mussel. This unit features rakes to move and spread the mussels and knurled rollers for beard removal.
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Mussel Declumper

CMP manufactures a Mussel Declumper to separate mussels from the spat and small mussels that amass during natural growth of the mussel. This unit features a hopper and infeed conveyor. Additionally, it utilizes a paddled shaft to separate the mussels and a ring grader to filter out debris and small mussels not suitable for packaging.
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Lobster Circular Grading Sort Station

CMP manufactures a Lobster Circular Grading Sort Station for proper infeed of sorting systems. This unit features an incline conveyor, roller conveyor and a special flighted belt to space lobster prior to automatic sorting.
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Whole Crab Washer

CMP manufactures a Whole Crab Washer to remove foreign material from the surface of the crab. This unit features a conveyor and high-pressure nozzles to accomplish this operation.
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Lobster Leg Roller

CMP manufactures a Lobster Leg Roller for the extraction of meat from lobster legs. This unit features knurled rollers that grip and roll leg shells to extract the meat.
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Claw Scoring Table

CMP manufactures a claw scoring table to manually cut the claw shell and facilitate the removal of crab and lobster meat. This unit features multiple stations of guarded, stainless steel blades and a conveyor for finished product.
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Crab Salad Meat Line

CMP manufactures a Crab Salad Meat line for the extraction of fibrous meat from crab bodies. This turn-key unit features multiple unit operations to accomplish this process.
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Shell Crusher

CMP manufactures a Shell Crusher for various shellfish products including lobster, and crab. The primary use of this machine is to reduce the volume of waste. The unit features a welded flat bar along a drum to finely crush shells
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