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Chillers & Freezers

CMP offers a wide range of chillers and brine freezers for seafood, meat, poultry and other products. CMP is a certified ASME shop and manufacturer of the custom refrigeration coils used in our chiller design. We also work with Mueller and other OEM’s to supply specialty refrigeration chiller options when required. We offer batch, continuous batch, gondola, and various styles of dip tank chillers that utilize both fresh and salt water as the cooling medium.

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Poultry Giblet Chiller

CMP manufactures a trough chiller for giblets, heart, gizzards, feet, liver, and ...
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Dip Tank Chiller and Freezer – Brine or Fresh Water

CMP manufactures several styles of dip tank chillers with either bottom belts ...
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Gondola Style Chiller and Brine Freezer

CMP manufactures a Gondola Style chiller to process large production rates of ...
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Continuous Batch Chiller

CMP manufactures a continuous batch chiller to process various shellfish products including ...
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Batch Chiller

For lower production rates, CMP manufactures a batch chiller for various shellfish ...
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