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Fluid Removal & Dewatering

CMP offers a wide range of dewatering and fluid removal equipment. From mesh metal belt conveyors with air knives and vibratory dewatering conveyors to our patented FRS vibratory suction based fluid removal system we have a full range of products to meet your fluid removal needs.

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Blow Off Conveyor – Air Dryer Product Packaging

CMP has manufactured a high performance blow off conveyor to remove water ...
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Abrasion Resistant Plastic Belt Dewater Conveyor

CMP has designed our plastic dewater conveyor for whole potatoes and other ...
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Metal Belt Dewater Conveyor

CMP routinely works with leading metal belt manufacturers including Mar-con and Cambridge ...
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Vibratory Dewater Shaker

The CMP line of vibratory dewater conveyors incorporate screens of various sizes ...
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Fluid Removal System

CMP has developed a patented approach to removing water from fruit, vegetables, ...
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