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Sanitary Spiral Solutions

Offering the latest in direct food contact washdown ready spiral technologies, CMP designs and manufactures both Direct Drive Spirals and Side Drive Technology Spirals. Application solutions include hygienic elevators and lowerators transferring to and from FPS freezers, long running conveyors that eliminate transfer points, and non-traditional spiral configurations that overcome layout challenges.

Backed by our parent company FPS, the industry leader for spiral innovation and hygienic standards, and Intralox, the global giant in belting known for their service, technology, and accountability, CMP delivers innovative food processing spiral solutions for the food processing industry. We Engineer Food Safety.

CMP Direct Drive Spirals

Using the FPS patented technology and Intralox's ground-breaking Direct Drive System, the CMP Direct Drive Spiral ensures smooth and reliable spiral performance by eliminating overdrive and performing without interruption. A strong and lightweight solution, it offers significant advantages over metal spirals and traditional friction-driven systems.

  • Fully washdown capable
  • Improved production
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Simplified sanitation
  • Reduced labor
  • Reduced total cost of ownership

CMP Side Drive Spirals

The flexibility and easy maintenance of the Intralox Side Drive technology enable unique configurations and eliminate transfers between equipment, all while being fully washdown capable. The innovative side drive design eliminates the need for the central drum and allows for flexible solutions such as oval spirals, up/down spirals sharing the same footprint, and long conveyor paths with zero transfers. Fewer transfers means substantially reduced product damage and loss.

  • Fully washdown capable
  • Accommodates infinitely long belting
  • Minimizes transfer points
  • Increases efficiency
  • Increases belt life
  • Improves product quality and yield
  • All applications reviewed and approved using the Intralox Side Drive Spiral Analysis Output
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