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Sizing / Sorting / Cleaning

CMP manufactures many different styles of sizing, sorting, and cleaning equipment for fruit, vegetable, and other products. Vibratory shakers for grading and sizing of finished product, vibratory scalping decks to remove leaves, twigs, and other foreign material from product flow streams, riffle boards to remove sand and other debris, and air blowers to remove leaves, grasses, and other light debris are some of the solutions we provide.

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Butchering Table

CMP manufactures hygienically designed butchering tables for meat, poultry, crab and lobster ...
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Mussel Taper Grader

CMP manufactures a Mussel Taper Grader to accurately grade mussels by size. ...
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Mussel Debysser

CMP manufactures a Mussel Dybysser that effectively removes the beard from the ...
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Mussel Declumper

CMP manufactures a Mussel Declumper to separate mussels from the spat and ...
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Lobster Circular Grading Sort Station

CMP manufactures a Lobster Circular Grading Sort Station for proper infeed of ...
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Whole Crab Washer

CMP manufactures a Whole Crab Washer to remove foreign material from the ...
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Lobster Leg Roller

CMP manufacture a lobster leg roller for the extraction of meat from ...
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Claw Scoring Table

CMP manufactures a claw scoring table to cut the claw shell and ...
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Crab Salad Meat Line

CMP manufactures a Crab Salad Meat line for the extraction of fibrous ...
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Shell Crusher

CMP manufactures a Shell Crusher for various shellfish products including lobster, and ...
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Body Chopper

CMP manufactures a Body Chopper to facilitate the separation of meat in ...
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Ozone Wash Conveyor

CMP Manufactures a unique Ozone wash conveyor. Fruit is immersed in ozonated ...
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Blueberry Rotary Stem Removal

CMP manufacturers a rotary destemmer used to remove the stems from IQF ...
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Flotation Tank

CMP manufactures a flotation tank that is used for the separation of ...
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Riffle Board Cleaning

CMP manufactures several different styles of riffle boards to remove heavier debris ...
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Air Cleaner / Winnower

CMP manufactures an air cleaner / winnower to remove straw, leaves, chaff, ...
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Scalper Deck – Vibratory

The CMP line of vibratory scalper decks have been designed to remove ...
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Vibratory Sizers and Graders

The CMP line of vibratory shakers have been designed to sort or ...
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Tote Washers

CMP makes a full range of tote washers from manual, semi-automatic, and ...
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