Think of us as the guardians
of the food processing process.

A safe food supply is critical to everyone, including ourselves and the ones we love.

From our designs to our materials, from our engineers to our welders, our food processing equipment is

designed with one main goal in mind – to keep food safe.


From beef to blueberries - we keep food safe.

Every time consumers go to the market, buy groceries or eat at a restaurant, they are placing their trust in you; the companies that handle, process and prepare food. You can trust us to help keep your consumers safe. From our designs to our materials, our equipment is manufactured to the highest standards of hygiene for your specific food processing needs.

Doing big things for some big names.

We’re proud to provide hygienic and efficient solutions to
some of the biggest names in food processing.

Join us on our mission to keep food safe.

Great companies are made up of great people – smart, entrepreneurial, hard-working, fun-loving people... just like you! We have an exciting growth story to tell – growth that means opportunities for you to join our business and grow with us.