About us

Tucked away on Canada’s far east coast is the beautiful 5660km² island, Prince Edward Island (PEI). With a population of only 150,000 people, and over 100 beaches, PEI is a quaint and breathtaking destination, a perfect backdrop for a custom food processing equipment manufacturer. The primary industries in the province are farming, fishing, tourism and manufacturing.

CMP Equipment was founded in PEI in 1958 by a pioneering entrepreneur named Billy Rix. Billy saw the need to build a great culture of like-minded people who would work diligently to solve many of the processing equipment challenges for major food processors all over the world. Today, though a new leadership team has taken the helm, CMP is still a business headquartered in PEI and continues to serve blue chip customers all around the globe. CMP employs around 100 people from their 42,000 square foot plants in Milton, PEI. Using the most modern technology and software to design, build and install custom food processing equipment, CMP continues to be a leader in the industry. CMP began its journey into food processing 60 years ago in the seafood processing industry and has evolved to serve the potato, meat & poultry, fruit & vegetable, seafood and bakery industries.

CMP has invested significantly in lean six sigma training throughout the organization and has committed to continuous improvement as a way of life. Our customers demand innovative and hygienic solutions from us and we deliver just that with custom designed equipment. Our mantra, “We keep food safe” motivates our entire culture, from our Designers to our Fabricators, from our Managers to our Welders. Knowing our loved ones all consume processed food, we do our very best to build equipment with only the top sanitary standards, ensuring we keep food safe for consumption by our families and yours.

A thriving corporate culture is our top priority at CMP. Through our lean transformation, our people have been given the tools and the authority to make key decisions that continuously improve our business. Versus a traditional “top down” approach, our philosophy creates a true sense of ownership from our team members and this allows us to get better, everyday. With the world population growing at a rate of 240,000 a day, food processing, and food safety will continue to become more pronounced and CMP is here, ready to provide innovative and hygienic solutions that will continue to lead the industry into the future of hygienic food processing.

From our designs to our materials, from our engineers to our welders, our food processing equipment is designed with one main goal in mind – to keep food safe. In fact, the absolute highest hygienic design standards are at the heart of every step of our design and manufacturing process.

Think of us as guardians of the food processing process.

Clients can trust our extensive experience, as well as the commitment of our entire team, to deliver the most efficient and hygienically designed equipment. We are, and will continue to be, leaders in innovating ways to keep food safe.